Monday, April 27, 2009

American Girl

Today I received my first ever American Girl catalog in the mail. I am assuming this company received my information because I gave birth to a baby girl about a year ago and now they are adding me to their pool of possible costumers.

Instead of doing my laundry and cleaning out our office in preparation for Grandpa Mickie and Uncle Jeremy to come, I spend my afternoon pouring over this catalog. I can't wait until the day Elisabeth decides she wants one of these dolls. Or that she wants to go the American Girl store in L.A. to take her doll to tea. I hope her first choice is this.

We have been talking seriously about not spoiling our little girl and the need to teach her frugality and the life-important lesson that sometimes it is better to not get what you want. We are doing our part to go green and live providently. However, if Elisabeth wants one of these dolls, I know I will get her one. Why? Because I want one. Only I am too old to purchase something like this in good conscience.

So, Elisabeth can wear clothes I buy at garage sales and receive gently-used Craig's List finds for her birthday. (Her birthday present she will receive next week will be a pre-owned rocking horse.) But, I will happily indulge an American Girl whim every once in awhile. At full price. And I may purchase something for my daughter as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What's happening in our lives?  Let me count the ways:

23 - # of hours we drove in a car to visit Lance's family in UT 

Go BYU Cougars!!

15 - # of days until Elisabeth's first birthday.  Where did the time go?

12 - # of pounds I have left to loose before I am at my goal weight...I can fit into my skinny jeans again!
11 - # of  months we have had our sweet baby girl in our lives.

Elisabeth at 11 months with her lamby

8 - # of days before I return to graduate school to finish my MS degree.

7 - # of nephews we have in our family now.  Welcome Joshua!

5 - # of days Elisabeth and I got to spend with my sweet nephews, my
 brother & sis-in law in WV this past week.  

Elisabeth with her cousins, Alex & Andrew. 
My family sure can create some adorable offspring!

4 - # of times Lance has played the Wii Fit game he got for his 29th birthday

2 - # of pounds Sofi has left to loose. Who would have known beagles can be overweight?

1 - # of packages of Peeps that Sofi stole, ate and tried to "bury" in our leather sofa.  

Monday, April 13, 2009


My house has been in the "as soon as I can get to it" state for many months now. I have boxes of stuff piled in many rooms in the house, waiting for the moment for me to go through their contents and either find a home for the items in my house, sell them on Craig's List, or give them away. As Elisabeth's 1st birthday looms in front of me along with a huge wave of visitors this summer, I figured it is now or never.

So, purge, purge away! I LOVE SPRING CLEANING!

Warning: My posts will still be few and far between. Thanks for your patience as I put my life in order. My family sorely needs this to happen for all of our sanities!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dispelling Rumors

I realize my frequency of posting has decreased significantly as of late.   Just to dispel any rumors, I thought I should let everyone know that I am *not* pregnant.  Someone emailed me to ask if the reason I wasn't posting was due to morning sickness.  Sorry!  (Though, I wish that were the case.)

I blame my lack of blogging on my new calling as the Primary secretary in our new ward (our ward boundaries were redrawn), a new smocking project for Elisabeth, my gym membership, and the beautiful spring weather.  

I have many postings in my head, however, and hope to transfer them to my blog soon.  Thanks for your patience!  Here is a video of our two girls in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marriage Contracts

I was kinda hoping that the parents of either of these two boys would like to enter into a marriage contract with us to marry our daughter.   These boys sure are handsome and have fun dispositions.  Any takers Lindsay or Amanda?  I think either young man would make a great match.   More importantly, their parents would make spectacular in-laws!

As part of our mini-trip to UT this past weekend, (more about this later...) we were able to spend time with some good friends.  I was happy to meet up with Lindsay and Amanda again outside of the cyber world (I religiously follow their blogs), and meet their little guys.

I love how the Lord brings people into our lives.  I feel the need to publicly state that I am so grateful to have Dave and Nancy N. and their ever-growing brood (of which the handsome babies above are the newest members) be a part of our lives.  Nancy took me under her wing when I was a shy, nervous fledgling at BYU and became a surrogate aunt to me, offering a listening ear and help whenever I needed it.  Her family became my family and I will never forget her kindness!  She was the person to which I gave giddy updates about my blossoming relationship with Lance and was one of the first people to find out about my official engagement.  I admire Nancy and LOVE her, her significant other, her children and grandchildren. 

Thanks for letting us share some ice cream, goldfish, conversation, and friendship Sunday night!