Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A doll. . .

and her stuffed animals.  Three months has gone by so quickly.  I am in love with this baby who only wakes once a night, goes to sleep on her own, smiles with her whole face, loves to be held and is my first baby to show major signs of stranger anxiety because she truly is a Mama's girl.

My Nirvana

In the past two weeks my life has gotten busier than normal due to the following things:

  • I was giving a new calling at church - teaching Sunday School the 14-15 year old kids every week.
  • I am in charge of our ward (congregation) Visiting Teaching Conference on Mother's Day which includes a luncheon for all the women, a lesson on ministering as the Savior did and a musical number.  I get to teach the lesson.
  • I was also asked to help teach at a youth event where all the 16-18 year olds at church who want to go on a mission come for a mini "missionary training experience."
One thing you will learn about me (if you didn't know already) is that nothing, save being at home with my family, gives me greater joy than serving in my church.  Especially if it involves teaching.

A close friend told me that church service is my nirvana.  

Nirvana is defined as "an ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy."

I have to admit that though this weekend is going to be CRAZY, I feel happier than I have for many weeks.  Nothing brings me greater joy than serving others and trying to emulate the Savior.  Probably because when I do, I feel the Spirit and have peace in my life. I have had family members and friends who tell me I do too much with three little ones at home and that I need to not volunteer at church.  I agree with them that I do need to put my family first.  HOWEVER, I need my nirvana (regardless if it adds one more thing to my plate) to balance life out.

Now if I was going to get rid of something this week it would be the laundry.  Boy, do I hate doing laundry.