Sunday, October 26, 2008

Table Manners

We took this as a sign that Ellie B was ready to start on solids.

She wasn't too sure of her rice cereal at first.

Now she can't get enough and wants to lick the bowl clean.
When is it too early to teach table manners?  :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Five Alive

Elisabeth's five month birthday has come and gone.  Where did the time go?  Just yesterday she was a tiny newborn, waking up every two hours.  Now she has grown into an active, loving, happy little baby.  She is right on schedule for her development. Here are some interesting facts about Miss E:
  •  Rolls both from her front to back and vice versa
  • Sleeps about 11 hours each night, uninterrupted
  • Sits up without support (2 minutes is the longest stretch so far)
  • Loves eating rice cereal in her high chair
  • Has a keen interest in our dog.  In fact, the sight of Sofi can make her tears stop
  • Her favorite book is Snuggle Puppy
  • She wakes up with a huge smile on her face (She has her mama's mouth, that is for sure!)
  • Gives the most expressive looks, including the sassy look, the "stink eye" and the "I am pretending I am shy" look
  • Is very social.  Loves to stare people down until they smile at her which she responds with an huge smile.

We can't help but love her beautiful smile, contagious giggle and cheery disposition.  Not to mention her chubby cheeks!  I may be biased, but a mug like hers is Hollywood worthy.  

Simple Pleasures

Elisabeth sure loves her Papa.  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Not to Wear

Anyone want to nominate me for the TLC program "What Not to Wear?" Because, as you can see in this most embarrassing picture EVER, I need some fashion help. I can only hope that this picture is only going to appear on the online version of the local newspaper and not the print version.

Of all days to go to the store wearing my comfy clothes and tennis shoes without taking more than two minutes to get ready, last Thursday had to be it. (I usually don't wear make-up or do my hair really nice these days unless it is 1. Sunday or 2. I am meeting up with some fashionable friends.) This situation reminds me of how my mom used to tell me to always wear clean underwear just in case I got into a car accident. I guess I should always make myself look presentable just in case the local newspaper photographer is around to take my picture.

Notice, however, that I am being very environmentally conscience with my reusable grocery bags, was able to successfully grocery shop with a sleeping infant in a stroller AND talk local political issues with a city council candidate. I may not be the cutest mother around, but I am doing my part to contribute to the betterment of society.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Grandpa Mickie

I always felt so blessed growing up to have three grandmothers.  One grandma, Grandma Earl, wasn't my biological grandmother.  In fact, she was my mom's ex-husband's mother and some people may have thought my mom was nuts for visiting Grandma Earl often after the divorce. My mom, who always taught us family did not have to be blood-related, maintained a close relationship with her ex-mother-in-law until Grandma Earl died when I was a teen.  Grandma Earl was an important part of our lives and I miss her as much as I miss my biological grandmas - Grandma Cookie and Grandma "On the Farm."   Family is family.  Half brothers, step fathers, adopted grandmothers - this did not matter to us.  My brothers and I freely gave love to important people in our lives.  The love we received in return was priceless.

Grandpa Martin 

Elisabeth is blessed to have three grandpas and two grandmas in her life. (Not to mention quite a few adopted aunties and one adopted grandma here in Cali.)   I am happy that Elisabeth has many people who love her and hope that she will be able to cherish each grandparent for the unique qualities each one of them have to offer in her life.  

Grandma Bev and Daddy Ray

Grandma Carol

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh Noooooo!

I opened my mailbox two days ago to find a package from my good Finnish friends, the Patomos.  I love hearing from my adopted Finnish family and especially love getting surprise packages from Ă„iti Patomo, (a.k.a. Patomo Mom) as she always sends me a few Fazer Sininen bars.  (Translation: Fazer Blue Chocolate bars.  The BEST chocolate I have ever eaten in my life.)

Well, the first thing that went through my mind as I opened the package was "Oh Noooooo!" My coveted chocolate was in liquid form.  Who would have ever expected it to be 100 degrees in October?  Of all days to be so hot, why did it have to be the day my package arrived?  Luckily, the refrigerator restored my chocolate bars to their solid state and the taste was not lost in the melting process.

Tragedy averted, right?  WRONG.  

The next day I took out one of my bars of chocolate to have a taste.  I only ate one row of chocolate and forgot to put the rest of the 200 g. bar back in the fridge.  

After running a quick errand, I returned home to a beagle that was acting odd.  It was almost as though she was hopped up on some type of narcotics.  She was howling incessantly, running around in circles, and tearing up my tennis shoes.  For the second time in two days, I heard the words "Oh Nooooooo!" bellow through my mind.  There, on my kitchen floor, was an empty blue wrapper.  Not a sliver of chocolate was left of this savaged Finnish delicacy.  My dog had eaten almost 200 grams of chocolate and now was on the caffeine rush of her life.

Not only was I unable to enjoy my chocolate, I now had a dog who was acting incredibly hyper.  She did some gymnastic moves throughout the house, used the carpet as a constant back scratcher, tore apart every shoe insole she found, and decided to bring us a few gifts of her dried poops into our living room.  She then crashed for the rest of the night, keeping us up with her snoring.  I couldn't stay mad at Sofi the Beagle long.  Especially when she had Elisabeth erupting into giggles all day long at this crazy dog's antics.

I should write a book about being a dog owner of a lovable yet frustrating beagle.  Too bad John Grogran already used this idea.  And he did a great job of chronicling the ups and 
downs of life with a beloved family pet.