Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Need another "project"

I think those who know me knew this was coming. I love being at home with my kids. I love not having to work. I love the freedom it provides and that my laundry is getting done and my kids are spending quality time with me.

But honestly, it isn't enough. Doesn't saying that make me feel like a horrible LDS mom?? Yes, yes it does. But that is who I am.

Reality is I need something else in which I can use my talents. Another project if you will. Up until now I have always had jobs at church that have kept me insanely busy and happy serving, teaching, organizing, teaching, and "taking care" of others. The last few months my job has changed and I teach adult Sunday School every other week. No longer as involved as I have been over the last 10 years. And am really trying to embrace the change. . . Though not even close to being successful.

So no work, no alumni board, no involved calling, no non profit leadership position. . . Definitely floundering here. Kids are too little to have a PTO to jump into. I am at a loss.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Her good heart

On the ferris wheel with Papa.
I owe this girl another post.  Life with Elisabeth is never dull.  Here are just a few words to describe our four year old princess.

Excited.  For life.  For the food she eats.  For the activities we do.  For the small things - like getting apple juice at a restaurant or taking a ferris wheel ride at the mall or getting to have two stories before bed instead of one.  For the hand-me-down ponies she gets from our neighbor.  Everything in life is so exciting to her and when she isn't upset about something, she is generally a happy girl.  I have been very blessed with two genuinely happy children so far!  I thank Lance's genes for that.

Friend.  Elisabeth is our little social butterfly and thrives on going and doing things with people.  Everyone is a friend to her and she sincerely loves those around her.  I pray that she holds onto this unrestrained love of people always and is the quality I most treasure in this little girl.  This quality, along with her intense personality and stubbornness is probably inherited from me.   I do worry, though, as others aren't as good hearted as she is.  I have seen other preschoolers get annoyed with her and try to exclude her when they are playing.  Why are kids so mean???  At even four years old?  In our house, that type of behavior isn't tolerated.  Luckily, she doesn't always clue into their meanness but just desperately tries to play alongside of them.  I dread the day when she realizes what is happening and gets hurt.  I know it is part of life but I can't help but want to shield her from the meanness and just surround her with goodness.

Helpful.  She loves to cook with me.  In fact, she can pretty much make scrambled eggs and toast on her own with VERY close supervision.  Always holds her brother's hand when crossing the street.  Feeds the dog.  Does her chores willingly.  Adding baby #3 to our family does not worry me much because I know she will be there to help.

Elisabeth with her best friend Tutti & Mya
Imaginative.  Her preschool teacher said this was her best quality and I have to agree it is one of her amazing talents!  She can play by herself all day, creating intricate and detailed worlds for her  My Little Ponies, princesses, play food, and any toy she finds.  Occasionally she will let her brother join in but this is only temporary as he doesn't get past saying "Hi" and following her around.  Maybe when his verbal skills improve they will become good play buddies.  I wonder if she will be a writer someday?

The tantrums are fewer and farther between but just as intense as ever.   Listening is not her strongest trait. She is plagued with bad dreams every night and often ends up in our bed or asking us to say a prayer over her so she can go back to sleep.  The more love and praise you show her (instead of correction or frustration) the sweeter and more enjoyable she becomes.  She can swim like a fish now, is learning how to ride her big girl bike that she got as a reward for learning how to swim, and getting closer to reading every day. She performed in her first dance recital and loved it.  She may not have been the most graceful ballerina out there but she was the most animated!

We love our Eli-bear.