Thursday, May 3, 2012

Puppy love . . .

Well, not so much these days. I was cleaning out my cupboards last night in preparation for our move and threw away two bags of baking chocolate that were over a year old.

This dog woke me up four times last night, asking for more water and to be let out. FOUR times. Like a newborn.

This morning I found garbage all over my kitchen and dog vomit in four different rooms.

The only reason I haven't listed her on Craigslist today is because my babies love this lil' puker. And I love my babies more than anything.

I might miss her a bit. MIGHT. Oh, how blessed is a beagle with a loyal, guilt driven, and sensitive owner.

Now if she does this on our wooden floors at our house. . . Well, not looking forward to that moment.