Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding Joy

Having a toddler teaches me many things.  More than anything, Elisabeth has taught me to find joy in everyday life.  How much less stressed would be as adults if we. . . 

Wore whatever we felt like wearing, regardless of the occasion.  And sang uplifting songs like "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" whenever we put those clothes on.

Took our dog on a walk every day.

Stopped to smell the flowers.

And held hands with someone special to us.

Yup, I think she has figured it out.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Because I just can't seem to relax. . .

Someone nominated me to be the VP of Programs for the MSIDT Alumni Association.  No worries, I think.  There has to be multiple candidates.  No one will vote for me.

Wrong, as usual. I am the only one up for the position.  Granted, the Alumni Association only has a few events during the year but . . .still.

My guess is it is one of these two - my grad school partners in crime, Randy and Tai:

Good thing I am so forgiving.

We also sent in our notice to vacate our lease this week.  We have been talking about moving to a smaller, cheaper place for a few years.  Last year didn't work out as we had guests the time of the move.  I know it is the rational and logical decision as we want to buy a house and that won't happen as long as we are paying as much as we do for rent.

Anyone want to explain to me why I haven't been able to stop crying since I sealed up the letter of our fate?  I seriously want to go back to that big, blue mailbox and somehow figure out how to rescue this notice to vacate from the letters inside. Or beg Lance to call our landlord back and tell him we changed our mind.  Major regret.  I do want to buy a house.  I do want to save money.  But I can't stand to say goodbye to this house.  We have lived here longer than we have lived anywhere before and I love it. Plus, I hate to say goodbye to the jacuzzi bathtub.  And, let's face it.  I loathe moving more than snakes.  Which is probably more than I loathe anything in this world.

Maybe we should just not pack up or leave and keep sending in rent.  Maybe they won't notice.