Sunday, July 30, 2006

Our New Home

Here is our new home. This is the side view of it...notice the nice spacious lawn.
Okay, for MN, MO or UT standards, this wouldn't be huge but in CA standards, this is quite nice!!!

I am excited to report we found our new home this past week in Orange County. Our new home is a one level, two bedroom duplex complete with a spacious side yard and a patio w/ a small patch of grass. (Perfect for letting Sofi out on the patio for her late night bathroom needs.) I fell in love with the place instantly.
Lance completed the bar exam and feels good about it. We still wait cautiously, with fingers crossed and a prayer in our hearts for the results due in November.
Just returned from a camping weekend up near Lake Mille Lacs with my cousin Helen, her husband Dave and son Cole. We had a wonderful time enjoying nature with family. The food was WONDERFUL. Helen, you are the best outdoors cook ever.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My brother David and sister-in-law Vicki are holding the rag quilt I made for them. I think it turned out quite nicely...esp. for my first time quilting!

The quilt is made out of flannel so it is very soft and cuddly. This picture was taken at the "Sweet Beginings" Open House we held in honor of their wedding and upcoming birth of their son. The party was held on July 9th.

My favorite fabric was the little kitties dressed in pjs, sleeping w/ their own soft blankies. You can't see that in the picture. I plan on making quilts out of my mom's clothes for my next quilting project.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sun and Relaxation

Lance came home for good on Wednesday, July 12th. The next day we went to the North Shore on Lake Superior for a few days of relaxation and escape from the mounting pressures of moving across the country. We stayed at a resort right on the lake and had a spectacular time kayaking in Lake Superior, moutain biking, visiting tourist attractions and national landmarks. The room we were staying in didn't have air conditioning and Lance even called the front desk to find out if the air was broken. Turns out there isn't any airconditioned units in the resort. We had a good chuckle about that! I was in heaven...We got to fall asleep to the waves crashing upon the rocky shores. I didn't want to leave.

We also spent some time in Duluth, MN but the temp was at 105 degrees away from the lake. I almost wanted to swim in the 40 degree water of the great lake...but after wading in it for 30 minutes or so, I changed my mind.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sofi Smemoe

Here is our newest edition to our family. We can officially "adopt" little Sofi in four weeks. Isn't she sweet? Lance thinks that Sofi is cute...but will be a lot of work. She just learned to walk and ate real food for the first time yesterday. She is awfully cuddly and is very mild mannered. Takes after Lance, I suppose. Not as good as a real baby, but just as lovable, loyal, expensive and full of demands. In my opinion - absolutely worth it. Hopefully we will be able to post a picture of a real baby next year. One can only hope.

Side note: I know my arms look fat in this picture. I swear that they really aren't - they are just pressed up against my side. I need to start up yoga again.