Monday, May 30, 2011

Seven at Seven

Seven things to describe our Bubby Bunny on his first Golden birthday.

1.  Happy Baby 1...2...3.  I really do believe Carsten is the happiest baby in the world.  One of my relatives said on our trip to MN that happiness just spills out from him at all times.  I agree.  He didn't cry once on the four flights we had to take from CA to MN and back again.  He also lights up like a beacon whenever he sees his daddy, mommy, sister or puppy.  I live for his snaggle-tooth grin.

2.  Toothless no more - He has four five toofers in his mouth.  Makes eating his favorite food, sweet potato puffs, so much easier.
Carsten got his top two teeth before his bottom. 

3.  Good posture - In the last month, he has mastered the art of sitting for long periods of times with quite good posture, I might add.
Easter morning with his first Easter basket

4.  Milk does a body good - He is not a big fan of food though he tolerates rice cereal, sweet potatoes and bananas.  Nothing green, though.  So odd to have a picky eater after his foodie sister!
Yuck.  Seriously Mom?

5.  Sensitive Soul - Our little tender heart cries when his sister cries or when someone raises their voice.  Melts my heart.
Loving his Great Uncle Donald in MN. 

6.  Hands off - In the past month or so he has done everything but keep his hands off things.  He grabs anything in sight and it goes right into his mouth.  His favorite toy these days?  His shoes, socks and feet.  As long as he has toes to put into his mouth, he is a happy camper.

Why eat food when you can grab and chew on the spoon instead?

7.  First words - I think parents tend to "hear" things when it comes to determining their babies first words but I swear Carsten has "Hi" "Mama" and "Dada" down pat.   When Lance came over to greet him this morning he said what sounded like "Hi" and then proceeded to say "Dadadadada."  Also, when the nurses tried to weigh him and vaccinate him at his 6 month check-up, his cry sounded just like "Mama."  Also, when Lance goes to get him if he cries at night, he will say "Mamamama" Anyway about it, he has found his voice and exercises it quite loudly at times.
Look at those ears. And expression.  This was his first bath in a "big" bath tub at Auntie Rain's in MN.

I recently read the following one of my favorite bloggers said someone told her after she had her first born son:

“Your girls are yours forever but you’ll cherish that boy.” 

Right now I can't imagine cherishing another baby as much as I do this my mild-mannered, happy-go-lucky, snuggly boy.