Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Carsten With Love - 1 Month

Papa's favorite - copyright Beatta Bosworth
Dear Carsten,
I can't believe you are already a month old (and then some).  The last few weeks have been a blur, the days melding into one as I catch hours of sleep here and there.  However, I can't remember being happier.  You are such a snuggle bunny, always wanting to hunker down against the chest of whomever is holding you.  You have such a peaceful and calm spirit about you and usually only cry when you want to be held or fed.

Here were your 1 month stats:

Weight:  10 lbs - 50th percentile
Length:  24 inches - 90th percentile

Long and semi-lean, our little green bean.

What I love best about you are the sweet cooing sounds (which reminds me of a dove) you make when you return our smiles.  Elisabeth has been heard to say many an occasion "Look Mama!  He is smiling at me!  He likes me!"  That you do - just hearing her voice makes you smile.

Wishing I could freeze this time forever - when your sweet little spirit is so fresh from Heaven.  We are so glad you chose to come to our family.

With Love,

Carsten John - 2 weeks old.  copyright Beatta Bosworth