Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Top Five

The top five things we have observed about our Little Man now that he is five plus months old:

1.  He frequently sucks in his lower lip and puffs out his cheeks like a chipmunk.  

Carsten with his chipmunk impression.
2.  He is so incredibly laid back.  He rolled from his back to his front and his front to his back when he was four months old and has only done it once or twice more since.  He is strong enough to do it.  It is almost as though he is saying to me "Meh.  I am fine where I am mom.  No pressure, please."

Wearing Ellie Bear's glasses the same way she wears them.
3.  He wakes up and sings to his doggy mobile.  Sometimes he is awake for a hour before we even realize it.

Watching early morning cartoons with the cousins who came to visit.

4.  He L-O-V-E-S our dog.  More than any member in our family (much to his mother's chagrin.)  He flaps his little arms and legs and squeals with delight when that mangy mutt comes near him.  Sofi apparently senses this love as she has started to sleep in his room during the night and takes her morning nap with him next to his crib.

Sofi snoozing next to her buddy.  Not the best picture but you get the picture.

5.  He is still the easiest, sweetest baby that ever walked the planet.  This kid is going to get whatever he wants - because his Mama can NOT resist his blue eyes, sweet laugh and cuddles.  Help me Rhonda!

The picture that causes my uterus want a dozen more of these.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Running Fool

I used to think anyone who enjoyed running was a crazy fool. Why would anyone want to engage in such a monotonous sport that was so hard on your knees and feet and was basically torture?

Then my SIL talked me into preparing to run a 5K with her. I thought - why not? Could add it to my "bucket list" of 2011.

I reluctantly started to run. (Or I should say slog.) Sometimes I hated it. Occasionally I found it enjoyable. More often than not I tolerated it. I was never ever able to make the whole 5K distance without walking.

Me before my first race.
And then the day of the 5K arrived. I thought of every excuse of how I could get out of it, especially since it meant I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. But I went and ran my first. I RAN all 3.6 miles without stopping once. And the sense of accomplishment along with the adrenaline rush of the race is addicting.

So I am adding "jogging" to my list of interests as I prepare for my next 5K. I love when we sometimes surprise ourselves in life!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living the Dream - An Announcement

In response to the polite phone conversation starter "So what are you up to?" my friend Amber, a busy SAHM with four beyond-cute kids who are active in (you name it), who also is in charge of primary(our ward's children's ministry) and does (who knows what else), replied "You know - living the dream." And even though we laughed, I really think she means it.

This is something that has been on my mind lately.  Living the dream.  What is my dream?  I am a mother of two who is constantly TOO busy with a husband who also works hard. I do contract instructional design work and get paid a not-at-all-too-shabby amount to do it.  I can set my hours, can work from home and do what I enjoy.  Perfect job, right?  And we don't even have to pay childcare because I watch my friend's little boy twice a week and she watches my kids twice a week.

Yet I am unable to give 100% to anything.  And that frustrates me.  I have wrestled with what to do about this for a few months.

Thus, I have decided to stop working and just be a stay at home mom for the time being once I finish out my contracts.  Maybe someday when my kids are older and the perfect job opportunity arises, I will reconsider.  But right now, they need their Mama at home and my husband needs someone to support him at this time in his life like he supported me while I went through school.  And, as much as I do not LOVE doing domestic chores, they have to get done, and there is something that can be said when a house has order and my baby doesn't have to live with dog hair in his diaper.  I worked way too hard to get my babies here in our family to not be there for as much of their lives as I can and provide a home for them that gives them a place to thrive.

Besides,  I want to have the time to do the other things that matter most to me - like helping others who need help, serving the Primary kids at church, attending the temple on a regular basis, staying in touch with my family, spending time with my friends, writing to my blog, scrapbooking, smocking, running, cooking healthy meals, etc.

I am grateful I earned my Master's and had the opportunity to work for the many years I did.  It was the right decision at the time. Now, this is the right time to scale back and hunker down in my nest and take care of my baby birds.

My friend Becky says to me quite often that "You can have it all, just not all right now."   And something about that saying solidifies the peaceful assurance that I am making the right decision.