Friday, October 19, 2012

Evolution of pregnancy

1st child - Food Cravings:
Me:  I would really love a blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Lance:  Ok.  It is about a 15 minute drive both ways and it may melt, and they close in 10 minutes but I will speed there for you.

2nd child - Food Cravings: 
Me:  I would really love a blizzard from Diary Queen.
Lance:  Honey, that is so far away.  How about a concrete from Foster's Freeze?  They are only three minutes away and are open late.

3rd child - Food Cravings:
Me:  I would really love a blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Lance:  Here are the keys.  Drive safely!


1st child - Maternity clothes
Went shopping before I was even showing to buy clothes and put them on as soon as I couldn't button my pants.

2nd child - Maternity clothes
Borrowed all my maternity clothes from a friend.

3rd child - Maternity clothes
Starting 3rd trimester and still trying to fit into my regular clothes so I don't have to wear maternity clothes or go buy any.  Starting to look ridiculous though.


1st child - Diaper bags
Carried around a heavy diaper bag with everything imaginable - wipes, diapers, change of clothes, toys, blankets, baby tylenol, until the baby was 2 years old.

2nd child -  Diaper bags
Carried around a diaper bag for the first few months and then just made sure we always had diapers and wipes in the car.

3rd child -  Diaper bags
Considering just buying a big purse.  Who needs one more thing beside the baby and a massive toddler to carry?


Amazing how the number of children changes you as a mother.  Expectations are lower, more realistic and much more laid back.  Or maybe we are just exhausted already from the previous kids.  I am wondering if this makes subsequent babies more mellow out of necessity?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This time around

25 weeks.  About 1 1/2 weeks away from being in the 3rd trimester.  Part of me feels like I can't believe we are 1/3 of the way done. But the other part of me still can't believe I am only 25 weeks.  Feels like I should be further along.

Here are some things I have discovered this time around:

1.  It is possible to be sicker in later pregnancies.  Or maybe I am just sick with girls.  I don't remember throwing up more than once with Carsten.  Maybe five times with Elisabeth.  This time?  Almost daily until 17-18 weeks.

2.  It is possible to continue exercising when you are pregnant.   I have been running, albeit slower, not as far and stopping at least once to go to the bathroom on my routes, since I found out I was pregnant.  Along with attending spin class, a body pump class and Zumba at the gym occasionally.  My running days are pretty much over as it is getting more and more uncomfortable but I have to admit it felt great while it lasted.  I have more energy then I ever remember with any pregnancy (after the first trimester yuck-fest of course).  It isn't really changing my weight gain or body shape (see #3) but I am glad I am doing it.  Hope to keep being active in some way or another until this baby arrives.  I told y'all I was addicted to exercising.  That and candy.  Probably the other explanation for #3 below.

3.  Despite how much I exercise, my body still puts on maternal chub - everywhere.  I really want someone to explain why love handles and huge thighs are necessary for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The belly and breasts I understand.  Along with the swollen ankles, fingers and face.    Those cute ladies that are all belly and skinny as ever?  Never gonna be me.  No matter how healthy I eat or how many miles I run.  I am round, curvy and anyone who sees me from behind will know I am with child.  The vain part of me is tempted to buy some of these so I can wear the cute, fashionable maternity clothes.  Alas, I am embracing tent-like shirts and flowy skirts and the attitude of gratitude and acceptance.  It is what it is and I would wear a muumuu for 9 months and then at least a year afterwards if I meant I had another little baby to hold.  I am 100% grateful I didn't kill myself to lose my last 10 lbs of weight before this pregnancy because I would have already gained it all back and then some.

Our little girl (did I forget to post we are having a girl?  It only took four ultrasounds to confirm but we are definitely expecting another girl) kicks are getting stronger and stronger.  I continually marvel at the whole process and miracle of it all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Changed my mind

Remember when I said I needed a project? After watching my friend's 6 month old today for 3 hours I've changed my mind. January is going to bring with it a HUGE project that is going to rock my world. I think I will enjoy not being really busy for the next three months.