Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Loss at Christmastime

Sofi has proved that she has a sense when something is wrong with her parents. After Kristi had an emergency salpingectomy on Saturday, Sofi has insisted on sleeping right by her feet. Even when Kristi is reclined in the LazyBoy, Sofi will curl up on the end of the footrest. Through this time of sadness, this pup has given us something to laugh about.

We appreciate all of your prayers and are especially grateful to those who have called to check up on Kristi. This was her second ectopic pregnancy and her situation was a little more dangerous than last time. We are so grateful for the advances in science and for a doctor who was willing to act quickly. Kristi is healing well and will be back on her feet in no time.

We are looking forward to the holidays which we will be spending in MN with Kristi's family. Some may think this is an unfortunate time for this to happen. However, we are grateful for the distractions of the holiday season and the chance to spend time with family and friends.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Infertility is for the Dogs

Sofi had her "snipety snip" surgery yesterday and came home with a huge incision, a saucer for her neck and a certificate of sterilization. Yes, sadly she will never know the joys of motherhood. (Ha! Maybe her and I will have that in common.) I actually cried at the vet when they gave me her certificate. I guess I am mourning for the grand puppies she will never bear.

She HATES her saucer and understandably so. (Take note of her downward facing tail. Beagle enthusiasts everywhere will attest that a downward facing tail belongs to a sad, upset dog.) The satellite look-a-like medical device prevents her from her daily scratching and licking and makes it hard to eat her food or play with her toys. At least we can get a few laughts out of it all as she constantly rams into walls and then staggers for the next few minutes as though we slipped a little somethin' somethin' into her water dish. Unlike most dogs who have major surgery, she has as much energy as usual. And we are supposed to keep her "quiet" how????

Monday, December 11, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Much to my surprise, I was called to work in Young Womens program again yesterday. I had long ago come to peace that my days of working with youth were over for a season, especially since I had been given two other small jobs in Relief Sociey (for those who are not familiar with the LDS jargon, Relief Soceity is the women's organization in our church.) And, to keep up with tradition, I am working again with the 12-13 yr. old girls as the Beehive Advisor. Teaching comes very easily to me and I am excited to teach lessons every week.