Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just for laughs....

Our friend Scott posted some pictures on his blog that made us smile. We followed the link to the following website and spent 10 minutes laughing uncontrollably.

Good thing we saw this before the baby comes....we wouldn't want to repeat some of these mistakes!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here are just a few ultrasound pics of our girl. Enjoy!
One of her first profile pics.

She has Kristi's toes.

The arrow is pointing to the female anatomy. You are looking at the "diaper" view.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lucky Birthday Girl

I feel like I have been blessed with the best husband ever. He went out of his way to make sure I had a wonderful birthday this year. It is in the running for the best birthday ever. To those of you who know me very well, you won't be surprised that my birthday was indeed a three day celebration. Here are some highlights:


  • Lunch at the very healthy and vegan Euro-chic cafe The Veggie Grill

  • A matinĂ©e showing of Juno at the University Theater

  • A small sampling of cupcakes from Sprinkles

  • Dinner prepared by Lance - complete with grilled steaks, salad, asparagus and baked potatoes.

  • Carrot cake

  • Gifts including tickets to see Wicked the Musical, The Office Season 3 DVDs and my very own Wii controller

  • Flowers sent to my work

I had asked Lance *not* to go overboard so we can save money for the baby but to make whatever he did a surprise. I think he definitely heard the "surprise" part, but not the "overboard" part. I feel very lucky to have found such a guy who knows my exact likes and is willing to spoil me once a year. I love birthdays. Even if they mean I am only one year away from the dreaded big three-oh. I hope our daughter will like birthdays as well, because they are bound to be special!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Duties of a Dad

Lance set up the crib over our break this Christmas. My new book on how to prepare a dog for a baby says we should allow the dog to roam around the nursery so she can familarize herself with the new furniture and surroundings. Sofi decided she was going to help!

Mele Kalikimaka

Since I came down with the flu before Christmas, we decided to spend the holidays with just the three of us.

Here are some highlights:


We visited the Dog Beach so Sofi could have some fun playing in the ocean and we could get some sun and enjoy the 70 degree weather. A definite surreal experience - hanging out on the beach with surfers Christmas Eve!

Our neighbors invited us over for soup, homemade bread and fruit compote. We had a pleasant evening. We did plan on going to the 9 p.m. Christmas Eve service at the local church but the baby thought I needed to go bed instead. Lance and I read the Christmas story from the New Testament while sitting in front of the Christmas tree instead. It was the most peaceful and spiritual experience I can ever remember having on Christmas Eve.


We slept in and then woke up to exchange gifts.

I thought our tree turned out lovely this year. What do you think?

My favorite gift was the book Sofi gave me on how to prepare her for the baby.

Lance's favorite was the Zelda Princess Wii game he got. (Though, Santa didn't deliver the Wii until New Years Day).

Sofi's favorite was her new flying squirrel toy. Funny thing was she was able to pick it out of the packages under the tree. In fact, she dug through all the packages to find her squirrel then made a run for the door outside so she could play with her new treasure.

Sofi was upset that we had opened all the gifts. Here she is pouting under the tree.

Lance made homemade panacakes with fresh berries and whipped cream for breakfast.

My good friend, Margaret, had us over for a turkey lunch in the afternoon. We played her Wii and worked off some of the stuffing we ate.

We decided to use some of our movie passes we got as gifts this year to go see Disney's Enchanted movie. Four thumbs up!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Productive to Outright Lazy

We have a plethora of pictures to post, along with a video from Christmas, Thanksgiving pics, pictures of our little girl in utero, and our after Christmas trip to California Adventure. Yet, the last post we made was before Christmas.

I wish I could say it is because we are too busy. But the reality is - we have NOT been busy for 2 1/2 weeks. As soon as my first term of graduate school was done (December 10th), I was the most productive person ever. I shopped for Christmas, wrapped presents, sent out Christmas cards, mailed packages to distant relatives, did loads upon loads of laundry, made a few visits to the temple and even baked a few Christmas goodies.

We also set up the crib in the nursery, started thinking about what we need to buy for the little Miss, read three books, and started to organize our garage. I also made plans on how to better organize my scrapbooking materials AND which sewing projects I want to finish before Baby arrives.

90% of this happened BEFORE Christmas. Once Christmas hit, I officially burned out. Since December 25th, I have been watching movie after movie, making easy meals, casually walking the dog, taking many naps, playing games with Lance and letting the laundry pile up again.

I wish I knew why. I am guessing that school starts again today and I wanted to get as much "down" time in as possible. After this semester is over, I will only have two weeks before my due date and then life will change as we know it. Don't get me wrong - We are so excited for our daughter to come. BUT, we have had almost 6 years of just the two of us and reality is sinking in that we probably didn't take advantage of the time we had. I blame law school and first year associate work at a big firm for that. :-)

So, hang in there. H0pefully I will get the pictures out of my camera and posted before too long.