Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pain Medication

I have determined that completing the graduate thesis (or in my case, the culminating graduate research project) has to be about the most painful, educational process EVER.  I will do it.  I will complete it.  But I will kick and scream and suffer the whole way through it.  I am excited to complete my project.  I am just not too excited to write the five chapters plus appendices that must accompany the aforementioned project.

Alright.  Not too excited is an understatement.

On the brighter side, Elisabeth's little toddler personality has provided me much pain relief as I undertake this ordeal.  Here are just a few things that keep me smiling as I pound out yet another chapter:

  • Collector:  Beth has turned into quite a collector.  She is not happy with ONE of anything.  She had to carry around TWO blankets and all ten of her little Disney books that her Grandpa Mimi sent her to her babysitter's today.  I have considered buying her a back pack to carry around her treasures.
  • Naming:  When we asked her two weeks ago what her name was, she answered "Baby."  Oops.  Our bad.  Now, she insists her name is "Beth."  So, Beth it is (though we still call her Elisabeth and Baby Bear more often than not.)
  • The Apple:  Doesn't fall too far from the tree.  Elisabeth, for better or worse, takes after me.  Determined, passionate and sensitive. Not to mention a Type A through and through.  I got up out of bed yesterday to find her playing around in the shower.  I told her it was time to get out and she answered with "Mama.  Go to bed."  Whoa!  Where did that sass come from?  After we laughed and sufficiently parented, she asked for a kiss, said she was sorry and then left the shower.  A+ for verbal skills.   C- for manners.
  • Lil' Chef:  To keep her entertained while I cook, I have her fill in the role as sous chef.  We will put on our matching aprons, which she finds pleasing to no end, pull up a chair, and cook together.  She loves to "season" what I am making with as many spice bottles I will let her handle. And she especially loves to taste what we are making.  As long as I don't use anything loud, such as the hand mixer, she couldn't be happier to "help" out.
Well, enough of my creative avoidance.  I hope to post pictures soon. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dance Party

When:  Every Saturday
Who:  Anyone in our family - even the beagle
What:  Involves about 20 minutes of the whole family dancing to a few fun, dancing songs.  
Why:  To establish a new family tradition.  And seriously - who can't enjoy the day after rocking out to "Steal My Sunshine" or slow dancing to "Lady in Red" or watching Elisabeth get her groove on for  "The Happy Little Working Song" from Enchanted.
Attire:  Pajamas.  Sunglasses optional.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

Elisabeth has been chatting up a storm and has said some pretty amusing things as of late.  In fact, sometimes she says things that shock us as we had no idea that she grasped the concept.  Here is just a sampling.

Sofi came out of the vet's office with a pink bandana around her neck.  When Elisabeth saw this she exclaimed "Mama!  Sofi's pretty! Sofi rincess (princess)."  She asks daily to watch "Arella." (Cinderella)

We were on our way to pick Lance up from work so we could go to dinner as a family.  I tend to narrate everything we do so Elisabeth can pick up more language skills.

Me:  We are going to Papa's work to pick him up.
EB:  Ohhhh.  Papa's home.  Go Papa's home.
Me:  (chuckling) So you think Papa lives at work?  Work is his home?
EB:  Yeah.

We lent my car to our friends for a few days and thus our garage was empty.  Elisabeth went into the garage with Papa and was visibly upset.  "Where bye-bye go?" she asked worriedly.

Elisabeth and I were playing with her Little People farm set.  I was holding up the animals and asking her to identify them.  She can say the name of every animal except a cow (cow=moo in Elisabethese).  I then held up the farmer, and asked her what his name was.
EB:  A boy.
Me:  (shocked she knew what a boy was.  I held up a girl farmer)  What is this?
EB:  A dearl.

I came home from a Primary activity on Saturday.  Elisabeth was spending quality time with her Papa at home.  When I walked in the door, I heard her asking earnestly for a "treat."  I walked into the kitchen to find her trying to reach the M&Ms on the counter.
Me:  Oh you silly girl.  No treats right now.
EB:  Mama.  Just go.  Just go. (as she tries to push me out of the kitchen)


Elisabeth working on my thesis and telling me to "Just Go, Mama" after I told her that was my computer and not for little girls to play with.